Million Marijuana March

Kickoff March and Rally

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Jack Speaks

The ever present Blue Meanies

blue Undercover- ARMY

I need to add that there are many things I didn't have enough memory to catch, Stephen Gaskin gave a wonderful talk about keeping the spirit of marijauna alive in each of us. The fantastic confrontation where we shouted the Blue Meanies out of the crowd! The High Times Cannibus Cup Band, Gargantuan Soul (So Cool!), David Peel, Many Speakers and so much more. It was a wonderful day for me, spinning with the Statue of Liberty in the distance, in front of the memorial. I Know it won't be too much longer before the herb is free from the rule of ignorant tyranny. This is such an amazingly wide door we're trying to open here, of course it takes much energy and time.


Saying GoodBye around 7:30. Notice how clean the grounds are!

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