The following three pages contain images I saw and captured before, after and during the march and demonstration.

The one thing that is the most evident is that we do live in a police state.

I feel sorry for all the souls that had to endure the "system." I wish them all good things. According to NY1, there were 1000 demonstrators, and over 300 arrested. So much for free speech and the right to peacefully demonstrate without fear from the state. I can't say how many were really there, Dana counted 6 blocks of marchers, and I know more joined at the park. I can say that the whole of Battery Park was alive with brothers and sisters ready for the day we can share the herb without fear of arrest. It was a wonderfully diverse crowd, rappers, yippies, dreads, hip hop, straight and the wierd. There was one incidence of violence between folks in attendance, and that was very unfortunate, though nothing serious came of it. At one point we were following the narcs, chanting we're watching you! That was empowering, and we need to be more proactive protecting each other from the blue meanies.

The shame is I know they (the blue meanies) know better....

The park was left wonderfully clean. We are a great bunch of folks...

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Million Marijuana March, NYC, 1999

Million Marijuana March, NYC, 1998

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