About Me

My name is A Michael Piper. My mother calls me Michael – but many friends and companions call me Piper, and that suits me fine. There are plenty of Michaels in the world a there’s some residual obligation towards reason in the name Piper. Probably a psychological remnant of a psychedelic youth and too much Zeppelin.  

I’ve been living “tiny” aboard a sailboat since before 9/11. I enjoy Camping.

Before that, and to this day I am a father to two amazing human beings and grandfather to grandsons. My biological imperative has been fulfilled, and I feel blessed by Life in so many ways. I do my best to walk as lightly as I can on this magnificent planet Earth.

One of the most important ways I live lightly is by a dedicated plant based diet. The reasons for committing to a plant based diet for urban dwellers are so very vast and deep that any resistance is psychological and culturally programmed, and needs to be recognized as such.

I am technically retired and am looking forward to that guaranteed monthly income. I wish it for everyone of US. I will write a post.