America’s Team Rubicon

CBS showed a report about veteran and entrepreneur Jake Wood and the organization he’s created, Team Rubicon recently. The work the organization is doing and Jake’s motivation for starting it struck a strong connection with me. I’ve been thinking about this type of problem this civic problem for our society for quite a long time.… Continue reading America’s Team Rubicon

Do you COVID?

What I find most aggravating about the AMERICAN reaction to COVID is all the certainty. It’s this, or it’s that. Must be a hoax, just like a fu – we know what to do, no one expected to contain it. It will go away in time. Never before have Americans been encouraged to wear masks… Continue reading Do you COVID?

A self Awareness Joke

I realized a while ago the I can be quite the selfish and lazy mother fucker. Now this can cause some consternation – especially as I’m approaching Death. I mean – do I really want to be on my death bed regretting what a selfish lazy mother fucker I’ve been? Would you? Though I also… Continue reading A self Awareness Joke