This book is a fantasy book. It is about three kids on vacation in a town called Cornwall, in England. They are staying in a large house, on the side of a hill, amongst many others. It is a gray house, towering over the others. Gummerry had rented the gray house from a fisher named Captain Toms. During the stay in the gray house they find a manuscript that leads them on a quest to find a Grail that will put Good { also known as the Light } winning if they find the Grail first; or Evil {also known as the Dark } winning if they find it first in the war against each other. It is a quest of danger and surprises.

This book has characters of Good and Evil. The main character of Good is Great Uncle Merry. He is a lead key in this quest. He has been looking for the Grail most of his life. Some other main characters for good are the three Drews. Jane, is about twelve {the oldest of the three}. Simon, he is about eleven and Barney who is about five { the youngest}. Some not so main characters in this book are the Drews parents, Mr. and Mrs. Drew. Mrs. Drew is a painter. Mr. Drew is a writer. Neither one of the Drews parents plays a big part in this book. Another character in this book is Mrs. Palk. Mrs. Palk is the house keeper for the gray house.

The main character for Evil is the Vicar of Trewissick. He has been looking for the Grail like Gumerry but for Evil’s side. Some other characters for Evil are, Mr. and Mrs. Withers. Mr. and Mrs. Withers play a medium sized roll in this book. They live in a yacht.

I think that any body that likes a good adventure with a hint of excitement and danger should go and check out this book, I´m sure you´ll like it.

About the author

Susan Cooper is a very good writer. She has written a sequence of books called the Dark is Rising. The books in her sequence are OVER SEA UNDER STONE, THE DARK IS RISING {winner of the 1974 New Berry Honor book}, GREEN WITCH, GRAY KING {winner of the New Berry award}, and SILVER ON THE TREE. SUSAN COOPER was born in Buckinghamshire, England, and moved to the to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 1963 and now lives in Cambridge, Massachusettes.