The Dark Rising

by Susan Cooper

The dark is rising has a lot of the same creatures as Over Sea Under Stone but The Dark Is Rising has rooks and horses that play big parts in this book. This book also has characters for good and evil. The main character for good is Will Stanton.

Will Stanton lives in the valley of the Thames. His house is on Hunter Combe Lane. On mid winters eve {which is Wills birthday} he gets a gift which is beyond his imagination. He has found that he is last born of the old ones and is put immediately on a quest to find six signs of power and those signs of power are bronze, iron, water, wood, fire and stone.

These signs of power will put Good overuling Dark in the final battle for victory. The old ones are a group of immortals that stretch all across the world and have been battling the the forces of evil hundreds of years. The eldest and most knowledgeable of the old ones is a man known as Merriman. In “Over Sea Under Stone” Merriman is Gummerry. Some other characters in this book are Merriman and the lady. They both help Will in learning about the Dark and about the old ones themselves.

This story takes place in many different time spans so I can’t really pin it down.