The Gray King

written by Susan Cooper

Report written by Latham Piper

The gray king is about a boy named Will who has just recovered from a serious illness. Will is sent to Wales to get better. After Will has woke from his illness, he thinks he forgot something very important that he had to remember for all time…When Will is in Wales he meets an odd boy with white hair and very pale skin that never browns in the sun. Will finds out that the boy’s name is Bran. 

Bran has met Merriman the oldest of the old ones, who are also Will’s masters, for Will is an old one too. Merriman told Bran to help Will in his quest so Will and Bran continue the fight against Dark until the last battle for rulemanship of the world. There are three verses that will guide Will on his quest and those are these:

On the day of the dead when the year too dies,

Must the youngest open the oldest hills,

Through the door of the birds,

Where the breeze breaks.

There fire shall fly from the raven boy,

And the silver eyes that see the wind,

And the Light shall have the harp of gold.

By the pleasant lake the sleepers lie,

On cadfan’s way where the Kestrels call;

Though grim from the gray king shadows fall,

Yet singing the golden harp shall guide,

To break there sleep and bid them ride.

When the light from the lost land shall return,

Six sleepers shall ride, six sighs shall burn,

And the Midsummer tree grows tall,

By the Pendragons’ sword the Dark shall fall.

Susan Cooper is a very good author and has written many books, including the Dark is Rising set; which The Gray King is part of.