by Mark Twain

report by Latham E. Piper

When Tom Sawyer, Huck and Jim go to take a look at a professor’s air ship to see what it looked like they suddenly find themselves hundreds of feet off the ground with a crazy inventor! Tom, Huck and Jim are floating hundreds of feet off the ground with a crazed inventor that says he’s going to fly around the world and then drown them. 

Tom, Huck and Jim are up for several days before they find themselves flying over the Atlantic with no land in sight and flying through storms. The professor has taught Tom how to fly and they end up liking it very much up there in the sky with no school. Then the professor really goes berserk when they say that they don’t want to come with the him to London. The inventor tries to throw them over board, but, when he’s after Tom, he falls over board. Tom, Huck And Jim are on their own.

This is another one of Mark Twains’ wonderful books and I really think you should try this book.