A self Awareness Joke

I realized a while ago the I can be quite the selfish and lazy mother fucker.

Now this can cause some consternation – especially as I’m approaching Death.

I mean – do I really want to be on my death bed regretting what a selfish lazy mother fucker I’ve been? Would you?

Though I also realize that at this late stage in my Life – there’s probably not much I can do about it…
I’m pretty set in my ways…

So, I’m getting a little worried about not being happy while I’m dying…

You have to understand – I’ve done a lot of acid.

I had some sort of vision that at the end of my Life
I would have come to some point of existential Bliss and accept the “transition” with grace and dignity

Like Leary…

(I’ve heard stories that it wasn’t all that cheery – but there are not many that really know.)

(there’s more to the joke – I’ll write later – I’m feeling lazy right now….)

By Piper

Dancing Dervish doing the best I can. Living Life like it's worth dieing

and in your opinion?

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