Do you COVID?

What I find most aggravating about the AMERICAN reaction to COVID is all the certainty. It’s this, or it’s that. Must be a hoax, just like a fu – we know what to do, no one expected to contain it. It will go away in time. Never before have Americans been encouraged to wear masks (look at the pictures from 1918). Freaking unbelievable.

All Arrogant Ignorance. I understand not trusting experts – I don’t understand trusting Corporate solutions over Social ones. To blame a described and admitted competitor [China] for not preventing a pandemic in our own nation seems so damn infantile.

We are still learning about this virus – more than we should have had to learn. It was possible to contain and eliminate the virus within our borders. Other nations have done so, and many more well on the way to doing so.
But not US.
Instead our POTUS is investing millions on a vaccination, instead of on prevention and Health. And to still read about healthcare workers without protection to help US is disheartening.

We are learning that it infects many human systems with impacts to each of them. Now that we have so many infected, we get to see all the varied manifestations of viral impact. Some of the impacts are long term, and while not lethal (yea the death count is decreasing?), they can be debilitating. Still we have people arguing we should let it go wild and “see what happens,” trusting another hypothetical.

I feel blessed I am able to almost completely self isolate comfortably. I understand many are challenged, especially economically. Other nations are dealing with the same challenges – Socialized medicine and strong social welfare structures (what we call Socailism) are minimizing the impact of COVID there, while we get to be the virus’s playground. The more and longer vectors of viral propagation offer greater possibilities of mutant expressions. Who knows what will happen to US?

I do know we’re already being quarantined throughout the planet. Mexico may pay for a wall to keep US out…

Treating a Novel Virus as just another germ is pure foolishness.

By Piper

Dancing Dervish doing the best I can. Living Life like it's worth dieing

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